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Wives & Partners of the Defence Forces in Ireland

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Struggling To Survive

My husband & I got married in 2009. We live in a large city and before we got married we were saving for a house. We both were working and all was right with the world. In 2010, I lost... Continue Reading →

A Soldier’s Experience of Lariam

I was as close as you can get to death as there were 2 ambulances at my house because I attempted suicide, one with a doctor in it to possibly pronounce me dead. I have gone through some heavy counselling... Continue Reading →

A Soldier Through & Through

I guess we’re lucky, my husband and I. Every day I hear stories of military families on the breadline with massive debts and loan sharks at the door. When I can’t sleep at night worrying about whether or not we’ll... Continue Reading →

Travelling At Their Own Expense

"My husband travels just over 60km each way and that's using public transport. This costs €85 a week and the extra travelling time, waiting on buses etc. If on duty I'll have to drop him in before I go to... Continue Reading →

Military Family

Growing up my father was a member of the Irish Defence Forces, he was in the Army. So therefore I had good knowledge of what it entailed to be a member of a military family. My partner joined the Irish... Continue Reading →

Broken Promises

My partner has just returned from the last Mediterranean migrant crisis. Even though I'm proud of the work they did, I am extremely angry and frustrated that they first of all were led to believe they would be paid somewhat... Continue Reading →

Family Struggles

As a family of six, the cut to my husband’s wage as a member of the Defence Forces has had a great impact on our lives. We moved in with my parents just before we married. This was to give... Continue Reading →


Almost 20 suicides claimed by families to be the result of this nasty drug since 2002 and it is still issued today even though it is has been removed from the shelves in Ireland. Fifty claims have been lodged against... Continue Reading →

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