My partner has just returned from the last Mediterranean migrant crisis. Even though I’m proud of the work they did, I am extremely angry and frustrated that they first of all were led to believe they would be paid somewhat fairly for this mission. And if I’m completely honest without sounding self-centered the extra money was the absolute only reason l again prepared myself to spend another 3 months apart from my partner.
But that wasn’t to be the case. The money was reduced claiming that it was not an armed mission so they were not entitled to the extra pay.

Yet, I’m 100 % the documentary “The Crossing” showed they were in fact armed and were at a constant risk of been fired upon by smugglers trying to regain the boats after the migrants were rescued. Just because the crew didn’t walk around with guns strapped to their hip didn’t mean this trip was any less dangerous. My partner shared many stories that were frightening and extremely dangerous to the crew. What they had to see happen before their eyes is going to haunt them for a very long time. I’m disgusted how our Heroes are being treated and how the partners that waited at home have to pick up the pieces when they see their hero can’t sleep because of the flashbacks.
We struggle to get by every week, we don’t live near the naval base and because of that my partner plans to extend patrol because we can’t afford the fuel costs to travel to work each day.
We have no savings as we barely make it through each week .We have to constantly ask our parents for help who are old age pensioners. The pay is so little, it not only is stressful but strips you of your dignity having to ask for help.

If he does a 24 hour duty it’s costing more to travel to work than what he earns for the 24 hour duty so it’s as if he pays the Naval Service to work for them. This has to stop; my partner is not long away from retirement but is speaking of leaving the Naval Service even though he loves his job.
He does an amazing job, is a proud man and we are not asking for handouts we just ask that the wage reflect the commitment and hard work they do each day.