Almost 20 suicides claimed by families to be the result of this nasty drug since 2002 and it is still issued today even though it is has been removed from the shelves in Ireland. Fifty claims have been lodged against the State by serving and former soldiers who had been administered the controversial drug.  AN RTÉ INVESTIGATION into the use of Lariam as an anti-malarial by the Irish Defence Forces found a “plausible link” between the drug and a number of suicides of soldiers.

Moreover, Dr Remington Nevin, a former US Army Major and epidemiologist describes Larium as a ‘horror movie in a pill’ while other experts concur, and assert that the side-effects of Larium are actually worse than contracting malaria. Roche Products Ltd. sent a letter in 2013 to the Defence Forces informing that the way Larium was being administered to troops was not safe and to this day the Defence Forces still continue to administer it to our troops.