“My husband travels just over 60km each way and that’s using public transport.
This costs €85 a week and the extra travelling time, waiting on buses etc.
If on duty I’ll have to drop him in before I go to work (opposite direction) as the buses don’t run that early and sometimes I’ll have to collect him.
There’s no public transport to get me in on time and waiting to get a mortgage before second car.”

“My husband had to move like so many others for promotion to the Curragh from Dublin this is a round trip of 130km a day. This is an added €80 a week petrol on an already below average wage. If he is on duty in Dublin, after 24 hour duty he then has to drive back down the Curragh and put in a ticket for a half day leave before driving home. It’s gotten so bad that I actively want him to leave the army as I have to take on more work to support our family and bills. We hardly see our children due to work.”