Letters from the Front

Wives & Partners of the Defence Forces in Ireland

Family Income Supplement

My husband he is in the army the past 15 years. We have 4 young kids and we have to rely on family income supplement to survive as what he gets paid does not cover us. We struggle every week,... Continue Reading →


Driving on Fumes

My partner has been in the Defence Forces for 5 years. There are every day instances where money struggles come into play for us. My partner has also had to apply for leave and call in Un-certified Sick Leave days... Continue Reading →

From a Sailor’s Wife

My husband is in the navy and is currently 6 months into his 2 year stint at sea and its hell. Even writing this there are tears rolling down my face about how crap it is. I know every couple... Continue Reading →

Struggling to Move On

As a young couple of who have not yet started a family the fear is how would we provide for that family? From my partner being in a base not so close to home, travelling everyday which requires filling the car everyday if not... Continue Reading →

Begging and Borrowing

"My husband has had to barter and exchange items from the barracks in order to obtain simple items like boots, socks, and underwear. The army spends more money on prisoner's food rations than it does its soldiers. Despite having to... Continue Reading →

From a Soldier’s Wife

I suffered for years from depression because of the worry of where money would come from to pay the bills. We have to live day by day and sometimes by the time Monday comes around we have to borrow money... Continue Reading →

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